Home Music Studio - One Mic to Rule Them All?

Your home music flat can yield abounding forms: a band's convenance space, a bedchamber with an acoustic guitar, or a DJ setup. One affair is about certain, though: you'll charge a microphone.

The mic is the basement of the home recording studio: accepting a acceptable complete in makes it easier to get a acceptable complete out. To that end there are hundreds of mic models out there, from the high-end Neumann award mic to the midrange AKG and Audio-Technica to the account Peavey. Just to array through them can accomplish your academician hurt-and that's afore you analysis anniversary one.

Eventually you will wish at atomic a baby alternative of microphones: conceivably one to best almanac your voice, addition that sounds bigger than others with your apparatus of choice, or something you can bung anon into your laptop or iPhone for acreage recording. To start, however, you should accumulate it simple, and auspiciously there's one mic that has accepted to be the a lot of able for the money for abounding years: the Shure SM57. It's the one section of affordable home recording accessories that's aswell acclimated about universally by the bigger names in music.

Just Google for the acclaimed users of the SM57 and you'll see that from multimillion-selling artists to the belvedere of the accomplished appointment in the land, it's acclimated about everywhere. It can mic allurement drums and toms, and even bass cabinets. Plus it's congenital like a tank: abundance has apparently been about for 40 years, I acquired it from anyone a acceptable decade ago, it's been alone a fair share, and it still sounds bigger than some of my added big-ticket mics.

An SM57 will run you beneath $100 new and $70-75 used, so it's as cost-effective as abounding cheap-sounding mics. The one bit of admonition I'll accord you if you accept a bit added banknote is to be on the anchor for a best SM57 "Unidyne III" model, which sounds even bigger than the avant-garde version. I've apparent them for auction for about $150.

Other mics accept claimed to actor or even advance aloft the SM57, such as the Audix i5. A lot of home recording enthusiasts affirm by the Audix, and it runs about the aforementioned amount as the Shure so you may wish to accord it a try. But the Shure SM57 has stood the analysis of time, so you can't go amiss application it as a key basic of your home music studio.